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Why I think I'll be forever alone

First i would like to say that no I'm not a shallow person or an over the top obsessive Kpop fan. But seriously talking I think I shall be forever not because I'm asexual but because people think I only find blonde Asian guys attractive. You see I really love B.A.P and at some point they were all blondes and well yeah...>_> point is people around me think that only because I fangirl and listen to kpop I only find Asians attractive which is not true. And also well I'm really sarcastic, but I suppose I'm happy with my sexy free and single life. XD

Just really bored

Ah I'm so bored. Seriously this are the times I want to just talk and talk and I wish people would actually bother me. I just can't explain all this conflicting emotions that boredom brings. IM IN A GLASS CASE OF EMOTIONS! I just don't even know what I'm typing. I'm just rambling because I'm bored. Well if you are bored you are not message me or whatever

Long talks and contemplation of happiness

A couple of days ago I was talking with a very close friend of mine, who I haven't spoken to in a long time. We talked for hours catching up on things, she stopped and looked at me looking extremely sad and asked me "what have I done? Why can't I never be happy? Every time I'm close to happiness everything goes down the drain." I contemplated her question and the only respond that I could give was that things happen for reason, the obstacles in our lives are not to hinder us but to make us stronger, life is a learning experience and those experiences shape our character and define us as individuals. Everybody wants happiness nobody wants the pain, but you can only have a rainbow after the rain. Don't waste time waiting for fair weather learn to dance in the storm and pull through.
To my dearest soul sister the best of lucks.


Ah today was one of those lazy days. I wish the weekend was longer so I could have more time to do absolutely nothing. Sometimes I feel like time now that I'm older, just flies by. I wish I could just hold on to somethings before they are gone. I guess is true that you never know the true meaning of a moment until it becomes a memory. Well here's to the Mondays!

Young professors and young adult hormones

A few days ago I started my spring semester term. My history professor is a fairly young man not even 40, at first I didn't think much of it and just sat in class listening to the course outline, but this two girls who were sitting next to me just wouldn't shut up. Upon asking them to lower their voices they asked me what I thought of the teacher, for their part they seem to think he was attractive and were already talking about very adult fantasies such as "one on one help form Mr.Q" (not his real name) they seemed sort of obsessive and told me that the only reason they have chosen to take the class with him was because he was attractive among other things that are too inappropriate to say. This leads me to think do some people make actual decisions base on how attractive a person is rather than logic? I imagine them telling me that they voted for either Obama or Romney because they found one to be more attractive than the other. One thing I know for sure next time I'm sitting some where else! XD

Archive Happiness

Do you want happiness? Here's how to get happiness in two easy steps! I'll use an example:
A man once told the Buddha "I want happiness."
The Buddha replied, "first remove the 'I', that's ego. Then remove 'want', that's desire. Now all you are left with is Happiness."
And this is how to achieve happiness ^_^

Asexualism and stereotypes

I was debating wether I should post about this or not, but after I saw a report about asexualism I decided to point out the many stereotypes there is about us. I would like to say that in part how asexuals are represented in media is very offensive. Here are a few of the major stereotypes.
1. Where there's an asexual there's cake! Who doesn't love cake?
2. We reproduce asexualy. I just won't even explain this one.
3. Cats cats every where! I'm more of a dog person myself.
4. We are forever alone. Actually I have friends and family.
5. We just can't get laid. /).<
6. Socially awkward. Most are very friendly.
7. Asexuals are ugly. Well I'm not the hottest tamale in the pot but I have been told I'm pretty, from what I have seen asexuals are attractive as well as personality wise.
8. We are all nerds! I admit most asexuals I know are very intelligent and are able to share and elaborate on topics and ideas. Much like other humans.
9. Traumatic sexual experience. I never had a traumatic sexual experience of any sort it's just the way I am.
10. We are gay/lesbians in denial.
11. Asexuals are celibate. 12. You need therapy!
13. It's a disorder.
14. Asexuals have no feelings, are cold and unresponsive. I would like to put it this way for some it's just like this "we skip the sex and just go straight to the romance"
15. Asexuals think that they are better than people who have sex. This one doesn't make sense to me.
16. Too much Internet time. Ah perhaps this one is true I love the Internet just like every person in our day and age.
17. you must masturbate! to each his own.
Well I'm off to reproduce asexually and lead my army of cats in a cake battle!

Fictional Characters

I, like many, have at least once become obsess with a fictional character. Some people don't seem to understand how attached someone can get to a fictional character. For example characters in books and movies. I think the attachment is due to the fact that we can relate to their ideas,personality or motives. Next time some one judges your obsession with a fictional character tell them that you all will be having a magnificent garden party and they shall not be invited.

Things that make me go UUuuuuuughh!!!

1. When I am about to sneeze and the sneeze just doesn't want to come out!
2. When my mum nags at me. (I'm 19 and everytime I vist my mother she nags ...I miss my mommy TT~TT)
3.when I see someone i don't like e.e
4. When i get that feeling some' ain't right.
5. When i have to take out the trash!
6. When i am sick and all the Kleenex boxes decide to take a vacation.
7. When i know something is important yet I don't give a fudge.
8. When there's no food!! TT~TT
9. When i have homework/test due next class period and I forgot.
10. When I wake up and can't go back to sleep.
11. Someone ate the last piece of cake!
12. The book had a bad ending.
13. Trying to state my opion and people think im talking back.
14. When I forget something.
15. When there's no toilet paper!
16. When things don't go as planned.
There's more but I think this list is long enough. So what makes you go UGH?!

New so new~

Wow my first day on experience project! I have to say I love the stories on here, some are so heart warming some just hilarious! But for the most part I find all of them to be relatable; there's a real human sense to them. It's difficult to explain, but so far I have enjoy being on here...matter of fact I think this site may be a bit addicting XD

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