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I was debating wether I should post about this or not, but after I saw a report about asexualism I decided to point out the many stereotypes there is about us. I would like to say that in part how asexuals are represented in media is very offensive. Here are a few of the major stereotypes.
1. Where there's an asexual there's cake! Who doesn't love cake?
2. We reproduce asexualy. I just won't even explain this one.
3. Cats cats every where! I'm more of a dog person myself.
4. We are forever alone. Actually I have friends and family.
5. We just can't get laid. /).<
6. Socially awkward. Most are very friendly.
7. Asexuals are ugly. Well I'm not the hottest tamale in the pot but I have been told I'm pretty, from what I have seen asexuals are attractive as well as personality wise.
8. We are all nerds! I admit most asexuals I know are very intelligent and are able to share and elaborate on topics and ideas. Much like other humans.
9. Traumatic sexual experience. I never had a traumatic sexual experience of any sort it's just the way I am.
10. We are gay/lesbians in denial.
11. Asexuals are celibate. 12. You need therapy!
13. It's a disorder.
14. Asexuals have no feelings, are cold and unresponsive. I would like to put it this way for some it's just like this "we skip the sex and just go straight to the romance"
15. Asexuals think that they are better than people who have sex. This one doesn't make sense to me.
16. Too much Internet time. Ah perhaps this one is true I love the Internet just like every person in our day and age.
17. you must masturbate! to each his own.
Well I'm off to reproduce asexually and lead my army of cats in a cake battle!

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